Christian Biographies for Young Children

Are you looking for the perfect thing to put on your kids’ wishlists when family says, “What do they need/want?” These Christian Biographies are perfect for children ages 3-7! Beautifully illustrated, hardback, and packed full of beautiful stories and Gospel truth. They are some of my favorite books on our shelves. I can also attest that they truly hold up well in little hands!

The Importance of knowing the heroes of the Faith

I am a strong advocate for teaching children about the devoted servants of God who have gone before us and left a path for us to follow in their footsteps. Oh that we would imitate them as they have imitated Christ! (our own hearts need this message, and so do the hearts of our children) Christian children around the world can tell you all the Disney characters and the Nickelodeon stars; these are put out by people that seemingly (by their fruit) do not even know Jesus. Children know their stories from front to back, and they daily meditate on what these characters have done.

Yet, many of those same children have no idea who Jim and Elizabeth Elliot are. They don’t know of the love and bravery of Corrie Ten Boom. They’ve never heard of the Reformation and of the brave men who laid their lives on the line so that we can read the Word of God in our own language today. I’m not saying that fictional childhood stories are evil (some are, but not all), what I am saying is that we have missed the mark if we put more time and effort into these other books that we do into teaching the more true and beautiful stories that¬† have the potential to impact our lives and the lives of others even into eternity. There are so many beautiful and wonderful stories to share, and the supernatural power of God trumps the “magic” of a made up fairy tale any day! It is real, and it is true, and it is a story that we can live in and experience in our own lives! I can think of nothing more exciting!

Perfect for 3 to 7 Year Olds

These books are good for a pretty wide age range, which makes them a double winner in my house! I love items that have multiple purposes and uses. My 3 and 4 year old have recently been requesting them each night for read alouds; they each have their favorite stories and love to talk about them! I also used them when my 2nd born was 6 and 7 to work on reading. I would read her the story on the left page, and then have her read the bold sentence on the right page to me. You could also use them for copywork and notebooking. My children have used them for presentations at CC many many times.

We’ve Invested in These for Our personal Library and I have No Regrets!

I hope they are a blessing to your home as well! 

I would love to know if you have these books or if you plan to get some!

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